Saturday, August 1, 2009

BMW to Debut Sustainable Sports Car Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show?

German automaker BMW is best known for its luxury sedans and crossover sports utility vehicles. They have also introduced some nice roadsters and even a sports car known as the M1, for which they revealed the BMW M1 Hommage concept. But there was no word if it would enter the production phase.


According to Motor Authority, a report on AutoTelegraaf indicates that Dr Klaus Draeger, who is a member of the BMW development board, has spoken about BMW’s plans to reveal a sustainable sports car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. The auto show takes place in Germany in September this year.

There have been speculations about a ‘green’ sports car that would somewhat be based on the BMW M1 Hommage. Apparently, it will feature the best BMW EfficientDynamics. At present, the German automaker is studying the prospects of the project and there is a chance that it could be out as early as 2012.

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