Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BMW 7 Series High Security: 760Li


BMW have recently manufacturer two new 7 series cars, these cars have been design with security in mind and are called the BMW 760Li High Security and the 750Li High Security.

Obviously part of being a secure car also means you need to get away quickly, so BMW have provided both cars with huge engines, the BMW 750Li High Security has a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 engine which provides the car with 407 hp and 433lb-ft of torque.First Drive: 2009 BMW 750Li

The BMW 760Li High Security has a 6.0 liter twin turbo V12 Rolls-Royce engine which gives the car 537hp and 533lb-ft of torque. The 760li is capable of 60 mph in 6.1 seconds which is impressive given its size and weight, both cars have an electronically limited top speed of 131mph.

When most cars become armored versions this is usually an addition not intended for the vehicle, however these cars have been designed specifically for this task, they have upgraded the suspension to account for the extra weight bullet-proof plating will add, not only this but the panels of the car are exactly the same size as the bullet-proof versions, which should allow less weak spots.
2009 BMW 7 Series
One other feature I would like to mention is the assault alarm which has many purposes, it is capable of putting out fires under the car and also in the engine bay, not only this but if a gas attack is sensed by the car, the alarm automatically shuts the vents, raises the windows and locks the doors, following this the car then pumps in purified air.
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