Friday, June 25, 2010

2011 BMW 5-Series pictures

2011 BMW 5-Series

2011 BMW 5-Series

2011 BMW 5-Series Sold Out Worldwide

2011 BMW 5-Series
2011 BMW 5-Series
the BMW brand new 5 Series sedan and its sold out in both Europe and in the US market. This is barely a month after its sales started in Europe and it was even faster in US where it went in a week, that the F10 were all sold. There is a waiting period of three to four months now for further deliveries.

BMW’s sales head, Ian Robertson mentioned at a conference in Bilbao , Spain that they had anticipated this sort of sales due to the fact that the 5 series has been BMW’s core object always. He also added that they expected by the end of the entire sales business they would be able to lap up about 15 to 17 percent of the market share.

Analysts attribute this massive crave for this 5 series models from BMW to its less divisive styling. This was stated by Georg Stuerze from Unicredit in Munich. He felt that the car held a stark resemblance to the extent of 70 percent with the flagship of BNMW the 7 series.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe

BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe

BMW has announced a special edition of its all-conquering M3 coupe, specifically for the American market. Called the Frozen Gray edition, the special M3 features a unique Space Gray matte finish with special clear coat, Novillo red leather interior and comes equipped with the Competition Package as standard. The 414-horsepower, 4-liter V8 carries over from the "base" M3, coupled to either a six-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission. Only 30 examples will be on offer, each fetching a $77,600 list price.

BMW's Next-Generation M6 Gets Snapped

2010 has been the development of the upcoming 2012(?) BMW M5.
From spy photos to information, it seems as though there is a story about the M5 every waking moment.

But now it looks like it is going to have some competition by way of the upcoming M6.

The heavily camouflaged mule was spotted roaming about sporting the obvious M signs: massive brakes and quad exhaust.

Although the writer of this post seems to imply we could be getting a look at the first shots of the 6-Series hard-top convertible, don't be fooled. Take a look at the B-pillars closely. You can see that they are quite large and even have an interior lining. Sorry to burst the bubble, ladies and gentlemen.

And, before you run to look at the shots I think it would be wise to advise any enthusiasts expecting upwards of 600-horsepower to pump the brakes. BMW has put out products with less power than the competition and I would not be surprised to see them do it again.

For example, the E92 M3 was said to have upwards of 450-horsepower yet look what we wound up getting. But knowing BMW, the sky's the limit...

We bring you the world's first peek at the upcoming F12 M6 coupe (or perhaps hardtop convertible)! The telltale sign here are the quad exhausts, huge brakes, and cross-drilled rotors. This prototype wears camoflage body panels and the front bumper is that from the standard F12/F13 6-series that we've seen. However, the wheels appear to be upgraded 19" versions with some beautiful high concavity.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2011 BMW 5-Series xDrive Pricing Announced

2011 BMW 5-Series xDrive

BMW released the xDrive all-wheel-drive version of the 2011 5-series sedan based on the six-cylinder 535i and eight-cylinder 550i models. The 2011 535i and 550i xDrive Sedans start from $52,775 and $62,875, respectively which is $2300 more than what you pay for the RWD equivalent. So unless you live somewhere with frozen lakes for roads you better save the $2300 and get a normal 5er!

2011 BMW 335i Coupe Sleek and powerful, the 3 series keeps justifying its price

2011 BMW 335i Coupe
Crimson red with a cream beige interior, the subject of this weekend's road test turned heads and induced smiles.

"Now that is one that I would spend my own money for," said our younger-generation parking garage attendant/car buff as he broke into a wide smile. That was not an insignificant comment since he sees virtually all of the test vehicles.

"That is one pretty car," said the man fueling up his SUV next to the BMW here in Damascus.

And so it was throughout the week. Somewhat amazing actually, in that the basic design of the 3-series BMW hasn't changed much in recent times.

In fact the major change in the 2011 model is not visible until you open the hood and see the new turbocharged 3.0 liter six. It develops 300 horsepower at 5,800 rpm with peak torque of 300 lb-ft from 1,200 to 5,000 rpm with a 7,000 rpm red line. Our test car was EPA rated at 19-25 mpg of premium petrol. I got 22 mpg.

BMW claims that the new engine burns cleaner, and produces better gas mileage than the previous turbo six. And it is about 150 pounds lighter; no bad thing since reducing automobile weight is the top goal of designers these days in order to improve gas mileage while enhancing performance.

The maker quotes a zero to 60 time with the 6-speed manual of 5.3 seconds and I have no quibble. There is no real "get acquainted" time needed with this smooth gearbox and lightweight clutch. You become just about instant friends.

Top speed is 130 miles per hour, and that increases to 150 if you check the optional sport package.

2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3 Coupe Limited Edition

2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3 Coupe

To celebrate the 25th year of the ultra-popular M3, BMW just announced a new limited edition version of the race-bred sports car for the United States. The 2011 Frozen Gray M3 Coupe is very limited, actually, with only 30 of them being made. So what’s so special about this edition?

Well, the “Frozen Gray” in the name probably gave away that it’s an exclusive color. Come on BMW, you get free reign on any color in the palette and you choose gray for the special edition? According to them it’s no ordinary gray; Frozen Gray is a “special matte-gray paint with a deep metallic luster to further accentuate the athletic lines of the legendary M3. To achieve this luster, a special BMW ColorSystem silk matte clear coat is applied over the Space Gray Metallic base coat.” Sounds fancy. But still…gray? Inside, lucky buyers of limited M3 get a unique Fox Red / Black bi-color Novillo leather interior with carbon leather trim.

2011 BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition

2011 BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition

25 years is a silver anniversary, and a big milestone for a nameplate to reach. 25 years just so happens to be approaching for one of the most recognizable performance models for enthusiasts since its introduction, the BMW M3.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 25 years without a special edition model, and BMW has released just that to commemorate the occasion. It is dubbed Frozen Gray.

2011 BMW M3 limited Edition

The color is – you guessed it – gray. As far as the car’s appearance, the unique color and special 19-inch wheels are the only differences over the standard M3. It looks cool, but perhaps not as exciting as another special edition M3 model, the orange GTS. Unfortunately, that car didn’t make it to our shores.

Inside, there is Fox Red and black two-tone Novillo leather. Beyond that, the Frozen Gray Special edition stays the same. The Frozen Gray M3 comes standard with BMW’s M dual-clutch transmission, and isn’t available in manual-transmission guise.

If you want to buy one, orders start on Monday, June 21st at 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Be prepared to fork out the cash – $77,600.

Monday, June 7, 2010

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

The new ActiveHybrid 7 is part of BMW's new line of hybrid cars. Unlike the more complex dual-mode system in the ActiveHybrid X6, the 7's system is designed to get the most from hybrid technology's ecological and fuel economy advantages while reducing the power, weight, and space penalties of more complex systems.
BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW ActiveHybrid 7

As a result, the car is only 165lbs heavier than a normally equipped 7, and the lithium ion battery takes up only 1.4 cubic feet of trunk space. However, this limits the system's electric capabilities. While the X6 has two large motors that can push the car on electric power alone at low speeds, the 7 makes due with a single small motor and cannot move without using the gas engine.

The 8-speed ZF transmission is the same as found in the regular 7, but a smaller torque converter and higher gear ratios have been fitted to take advantage of the electric motor's low-speed torque. The motor itself sits between the engine and transmission adding 55 hp and 65 ft-lb torque for a total of 440 hp and 455 ft-lb torque when combined with the car's twin turbo V8. While it shares this engine with the regular 750, the ActiveHybrid can reach 60 mph half a second faster than its non-hybrid stablemate. EPA figures have not yet been released, but it's expected that this car will get 15% better fuel economy than base 7.

The gas engine runs when the car is first started, allowing start-stop mode only once the car has moved. The switch between regenerative and friction braking is seamless, something rarely seen in even the best hybrids. When this happens, the tach turns blue, indicating power regeneration instead of revs.

Unlike other hybrids, exterior cues identifying this model are limited to special aerodynamic wheels and a small "ActiveHybrid" badge on the rear. A new electric air conditioning system has been added with coolant lines running to the battery to keep it cool while also keeping passengers comfortable while the gas engine is off. Oddly, the ActiveHybrid doesn't have electric power steering. Whenever the wheel is turned, the engine has to start up to provide power for the steering pump, using fuel and giving a brief feeling of heaviness to the wheel.