Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BMW's Next-Generation M6 Gets Snapped

2010 has been the development of the upcoming 2012(?) BMW M5.
From spy photos to information, it seems as though there is a story about the M5 every waking moment.

But now it looks like it is going to have some competition by way of the upcoming M6.

The heavily camouflaged mule was spotted roaming about sporting the obvious M signs: massive brakes and quad exhaust.

Although the writer of this post seems to imply we could be getting a look at the first shots of the 6-Series hard-top convertible, don't be fooled. Take a look at the B-pillars closely. You can see that they are quite large and even have an interior lining. Sorry to burst the bubble, ladies and gentlemen.

And, before you run to look at the shots I think it would be wise to advise any enthusiasts expecting upwards of 600-horsepower to pump the brakes. BMW has put out products with less power than the competition and I would not be surprised to see them do it again.

For example, the E92 M3 was said to have upwards of 450-horsepower yet look what we wound up getting. But knowing BMW, the sky's the limit...

We bring you the world's first peek at the upcoming F12 M6 coupe (or perhaps hardtop convertible)! The telltale sign here are the quad exhausts, huge brakes, and cross-drilled rotors. This prototype wears camoflage body panels and the front bumper is that from the standard F12/F13 6-series that we've seen. However, the wheels appear to be upgraded 19" versions with some beautiful high concavity.

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