Saturday, June 19, 2010

2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3 Coupe Limited Edition

2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3 Coupe

To celebrate the 25th year of the ultra-popular M3, BMW just announced a new limited edition version of the race-bred sports car for the United States. The 2011 Frozen Gray M3 Coupe is very limited, actually, with only 30 of them being made. So what’s so special about this edition?

Well, the “Frozen Gray” in the name probably gave away that it’s an exclusive color. Come on BMW, you get free reign on any color in the palette and you choose gray for the special edition? According to them it’s no ordinary gray; Frozen Gray is a “special matte-gray paint with a deep metallic luster to further accentuate the athletic lines of the legendary M3. To achieve this luster, a special BMW ColorSystem silk matte clear coat is applied over the Space Gray Metallic base coat.” Sounds fancy. But still…gray? Inside, lucky buyers of limited M3 get a unique Fox Red / Black bi-color Novillo leather interior with carbon leather trim.

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