Thursday, April 1, 2010

BMW to Supply Diesels for Police Car Venture

BMW police Car
BMW police Car

Carbon Motors and the BMW Group announced at a Washington news conference on Monday that the companies had reached an agreement for BMW to supply 240,000 turbo diesel engines for a police car that Carbon Motors would produce called the E7.

Although there are working prototypes with BMW engines, the E7 remains somewhat speculative. Stacy Stephens, the company’s co-founder, said Carbon Motors, of Connersville, Ind., would begin building the car three years after closing on a $310 million loan from the Energy Department that the company applied for last August. “We’re extremely confident of being awarded that loan,” he said. “We’ve made it past the first milestone.”

Carbon Motors has been working since 2003 on the concept of a police car with built-in enforcement features (the list includes automatic license plate recognition, siren, video and audio surveillance of the rear compartment, remote start, integrated shotgun mounts, spot lights and special police seats). The company, should it get the government loan, would provide 1,550 direct jobs (and thousands more indirectly) in economically disadvantaged Connersville, Mr. Stephens said. The company would occupy a 1.8 million-square-foot plant vacated by the auto supplier Visteon in 2007.

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