Thursday, March 11, 2010

BMW To Develop A Rival For Audi A1 Based On Mini Platform

Geneva Auto Show generated a lot of questions but a lot of answers. World’s first premium small class model in the Audi history raised a lot of questions in BMW camp, who thinks more at the birth of a rival, ready to share the same platform and same with components of the concern brothers over the English Channel, named Mini.

Norbert Reithofer, the BMW manager, admitted in an interview at Geneva, that plans currently exist in a model positioned below the current 1 Series. Recent studies have shown that there is still demand for premium vehicles in the segment of small cars, despite the global crisis.

If the Audi has launched the A1 and Mercedes is preparing resurrect ForFour, BMW have to react. The Bavarians will make it soon, with a new platform, capable of receiving front or integral traction and reduce production costs of two models with different identities: one in the BMW yard and one in Mini yard.

Although no one has confirmed this so far, it is very likely that BMW rival for A1 to be a German version of the new Mini Cooper generation. Although the British model is expected only in 2014, the Bavarians could bring in showrooms, the 1-Series younger brother in 2013.

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