Sunday, November 8, 2009

2010 BMW M3 GTS Gets Official

2010 bmw m3 gts 2010 BMW M3 GTS Gets Official

BMW has provided the auto world a closer look at its upcoming 2010 M3 GTS via some new high-resolution photos and details. The new track-hungry version of the M3 is a focused, dynamic machine, putting those other touches that BMW holds dear–luxury, comfort and sexy design–on hold in favor of all-out performance.

To get things started in the right frame of mind, BMW uses a 4.4-liter version of the standard M3’s V8 good for 450 horses. Saddling those horses and riding them to the rear wheels is a specially-engineered, 7-speed, dual-clutch trannie that features DKG Drivelogic shift points to get the most out of the engine at any given moment.

On the outside, tweaks like the large, adjustable rear wing; carbon fiber-laced roof; and honeycomb grillwork keep things light and slithery. In the end, weight is cut by 400 ever-important lbs.–down to 3,289.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication that this one is earning citizenship here in the States. Then again, at about 3 times the price of a standard M3 (app. $171,000), we wouldn’t be buying it anyway.

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